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Vegan Gummies for Animal-loving Gummy-Cravers

Vegan Gummies for Animal-loving Gummy-Cravers

Vegan-friendly Candies

If you’ve chosen to adhere to a vegan lifestyle, we know that you’re no stranger to making personal sacrifices for the greater good. You’re accustomed to saying “no thanks” to sometimes-tempting offers of cupcakes, chocolates, ice creams and more. And while dairy-free, gluten-free and other restriction-friendly options have become far more plentiful on grocery store shelves in recent years (making dupes for the aforementioned sweet treats more accessible), hidden non-vegan ingredients have made many plant-based eaters remain wary of indulging in another favorite of sweet-tooths everywhere: gummy candies. 

Most gummy candies on the market contain gelatin, a protein obtained by boiling various animal parts (usually from cows, pigs or horses) with water… So it’s safe to say that gelatin is definitely not vegan. 

Our Philosophy

We believe firmly that no one should have to miss out on the simple pleasure of chewing their way through a bag of sticky-sweet gummy candy on movie night (or just any time the craving hits)—and especially not for such a noble cause as protecting the environment and the many creatures who inhabit it.

That’s why we make sure to have a wide offering of vegan-friendly candy options on our site. Now, you can keep your conscience clear and your belly full.

So, why not take your plant-based diet to the next level with the candy version of your favorite fruits? We have a ton to choose from, such as tangy Orange Slices, assorted juicy Fruit Slices, tart Sour Red Strawberry Power Belts, and even mouth-puckering Sour Green Apple Power Belts.

Not really a fruit person? Try something from the sea that doesn’t require you to change your status to “pescatarian,” with some Swedish Candy Fish (the only vegan fish we’ve ever heard of!). Or throw a party in your mouth with some sour-then-sweet Sour Patch Kids. And you can never go wrong with some old-school chewy favorites like Jelly Beans, Chiclets, Spice Drops, Hot Tamales.

…The possibilities are truly endless (and vegan!)—so buy a few! And, as always, orders over $60 will receive free shipping.

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